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The Third Degree is comprised of three highly experienced, professional and multi-talented musicians that play classic rock, oldies, blues, and country.  Since forming in 2010, the band has focused on performing a wide variety of songs and genres. 
The band plays songs you will recognize and can dance to.  And, yes, you will hear some of the "standard" classic rock songs that most other bands play.  But you'll also hear once-popular songs that most people have forgotten - songs that will make you say "cool, I haven't heard that song in years"!  Along with the music, the band members offer a stage presence that includes interacting and connecting with their audiences in a fun and engaging way.
We invite you to check out the rest of our website by clicking on the page links to the left.  You can read about each band member, link to a demo video, and find the band's contact information.  Lastly and most importantly, check the band's gig schedule and then come see us!  You just don't want to miss the opportunity to hear The Third Degree
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